JP2 is the file extension for the new image format called JPEG2000 based on state-of-the-art wavelet compression. The JPEG2000 architecture advances a number of different applications in the digital imaging market, everything from digital cameras, pre-press, medical imaging and other key sectors.

JPEG2000, Part 1 (the core system), is a published international ISO standard (ISO 15444). It offers both lossless and lossy compression and provides much better image quality at smaller filesizes than JPG does.

JPEG2000, Part 6 (for mixed raster content), is also a published international ISO standard (ISO 15444/6). Also known as JPM format, it is aimed at compressing scanned color documents containing both bitonal elements as well as images.

Try the new JPEG2000 technology
Try the new JPEG2000/Part6 technology


The first step towards JPEG2000 adoption is integration by the browsers.

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